Kefalonia Trails – Old Watermills Walk

Over the last few years, we have begun to explore more of the designated Trails of Kefalonia.  Many of these walks have been upgraded over recent years and given explanatory boards at their ‘Starts’ and ‘Ends’ and marked along the way by red or blue painted posts or rocks.


Last Sunday, we set off to follow the Agios Nikolaos Watermills Walk on the road between Sami and Poros, starting near Lake Avithos.  As we discovered when we arrived, there is still work continuing here and in some places there needs to be some renovation to works already completed due to the recent heavy rainfall.   However, the path is passable, very well marked and most of the bridges and pathways constructed to a high standard.


When we visited the Watermills above Sami we wondered how the supply of water was maintained and if this supply was purely seasonal.  This Lake Avithos walk has shed more light on the way in which these watermills were fed.  We have still got questions though and would love to know about the way of life that these complicated and ingenious constructions supported.