Olive Oil Harvest – oil for sale from The Walnut Tree villa




Good Olive Harvest in 2017 enough oil to sell for the first time!


After our best ever olive oil harvest at The Walnut Tree villa in autumn 2017, we now have enough oil to sell!

As we pick our olives comparatively early, our olive oil has the distinctive bright greeny-gold colour and the slightly peppery grassy flavour associated with authentic extra virgin olive oil.  We used the olive press in Frigata for our first ‘pick’ and our local press just outside Sami for the second.

Our Trees

When we bought the villa thirteen years ago, there were seven oil producing olive trees on the property.  Overall we now have 27 olive trees of which five are the eating sort.  Two of the these eating olives are the Kalamata variety  (long black pointy ones) and the other three are the greener rounder ones.  Our oil trees are mostly traditional with just two of them being the newer more disease resistant type.

The Olive Oil Harvest at The Walnut Tree villa

Harvesting the olives is the second most satisfactory thing about living in Kefalonia – the first was being allowed to assist baby turtles on their first journey to the big wide ocean.  I digress!

On cold (comparatively) November mornings, waiting for the dew to lift, getting a tree ready for picking (ladder, rakes, sheets, sacks), hearing the steady patter of olives falling onto the sheets and then gathering them up and into the sacks ….. and then a full sack; it is hard to explain just how joyful it is.  Is it just being outside in the pure air of Kefalonia surrounded by our three hundred and sixty degrees views of hills, olive groves, mountains and big sky?  I suspect it is more than that.  Completing a task that has continued in Greece for thousands of years and in some ways unchanged in all that time – that has got to have an extraordinary quality to it.

Is it quite hard work?   Yes!  But by golly – infinitely worthwhile!

Our summer guests at The Walnut Tree villa, whether they intend to be self-catering or eat out most of the time, will have a supply of our olive oil in their welcome pack.

PRICES for the oil:

500 ml Dorica green glass bottle                    £7.25

1  LITRE  (supply your own container)          £10

5  LITRES  (supply your own container)       £45 (£9 per litre)

10 LITRES  (supply your own container)      £75 (£7.50 per litre)

Available in UK from 15th July.  Contact Rees and Celia Jenkins on walnuttree.kefalonia@gmail.com for further details.