Olive Oil Harvest at The Walnut Tree villa

Our time at The Walnut Tree villa has been a succession of journeys and adventures.  Some of these adventures and journeys have started using The Walnut Tree as a jumping off point. Others have been ‘at’ The Walnut Tree.  Over the last ten years the harvesting of our olive trees, pressing and collection of olive oil has been both a journey and an adventure.

When we left The Walnut Tree villa in June we had high hopes of returning to a good crop of olives.  Unfortunately, subsequent adverse conditions affected Kefalonia’s olive oil production.

When we returned to The Walnut Tree villa in late September some of our olive oil trees were indeed sadly bare of fruit.  There was evidence of quantities of withered olives that had simply dropped off.  Luckily about a third of our trees had a reasonable crop. Even on other trees there were some patchy amounts.  Oddly, maybe as a recompense, the olives we did have were the biggest we have ever had.  Hurrah!

The resulting olive oil from the pressing is the best quality we have had so far and the highest yield.  Hurrah again!  Those large olives were probably the reason.  Although the harvest was a small one, the crop weighed in at 109.5 kilos resulting in 21 litres of olive oil.