Robilis Taverna in Poulata – heavenly eating for carnivores!

This is a photo of the food you are served at Robilis Taverna in Poulata near Sami, Kefalonia ……………… but it doesn’t do it justice.  Not one bit!  One cannot convey just how delicious and tender this ‘meat on the grill’ is with a mere photo.

The sound effects are the thing: you hear a surprised ‘mmmmmmmmmm’ noise when the first plate arrives and then a muffled but actually louder ‘mmmmmmmmmmmmmm’ as the first mouthful goes in!!  Then it is pretty well silence for those next few mouthfuls when you are telling yourself that nothing could be more juicy, full of flavour and special.

Small wonder that Robilis Taverna is so many of our Walnut Tree guests’ favourite place to eat in the Sami area.