Tantalizingly close to The Waterfall Walk – discovering another bit of heaven in Kefalonia

While we are at The Walnut Tree, cool but sunny days in April are the perfect time to discover more (or revisit favourite) delights in the wilder parts of Kefalonia.  We drove south towards Poros, visiting Agilaki (the great depth of this pool gives it its extraordinary colour), surrounded by lush green olive groves and a myriad of spring flowers and then on to the Mycenean Tombs at Tzanata.


The real purpose of our trip was to find the snow melt pools and tumbling mountain streams we have been hearing about for quite a number of years.  Not far from the bustling holiday destination of Skala, one must take an unlikely track up into the hills and there you will find this hidden ravine of Foukalidas and the waterfalls of Gradou.

Due to having to search for the ‘right’ track which took more time that we anticipated (oh dear!) we did not have enough time to complete walk.  However, on our next visit we will give ourselves all the time in the world to do this magical place justice.  Walking through knee-high pink sage and yellow-flowered phlomis, bees buzzing, the faint ring of distant goat bells – reaching our goal seemed less important than just soaking up the fragrance, sounds and views.