First walk of Spring 2017 – Sami Lighthouse

One of the many reasons to return to Kefalonia in late March/early April are the walking tracks – so many walks to discover and explore.  Last Sunday, 2nd April saw us off to a good start completing the unmarked but clear track from the old village of Dichalia, past Sami sewage works (one of the most scenic in the world, I’m betting!) and then on to the track.  It is marked on the Anavasi Hiking Map but no markings on the trail itself.

The track starts wide and inviting and quickly deteriorates into a rocky narrow path.  However it is fairly level, only becoming steep in a few places where you do have to concentrate.  Trying to keep your mind on where your feet go next is a bit testing when you have the port/town of Sami surrounded by farmland, hills and the far away mountains of Aenos National Park at your back; on the left is the harbour town of Aghia Efimia with hills beyond leading to the south coast and beautiful Myrtos Beach.  Before you are the islands of Ithaca, Lefkada and distantly – glimpses of the mainland – even on a misty morning.

Once you get to the Lighthouse, there are lots of questions and practically no answers.  How old is it, was it lived in, how long ago?

Although this is not a circular walk, the views on the way back are different and just as lovely – and it always seems shorter on the way back, doesn’t it???