Walking in the mountains of Kefalonia


Travel writers and travel companies talk the delights of Kefalonia but ignore the wild places, the National Parks and the mountains.  This is beginning to change.

Over the last few years, several companies have been set up  focusing on outdoor activities.  They offer hiking and walking, climbing, mountain biking, four-wheel safaris and the like.  However, the best way to spread the word ……. word of mouth!  The best advertisement!

WILD NATURE EXPEDITIONS  http://wildnature-expeditions.gr   CONTACT: Kostas Vitorakis who has been running this company for several years providing activities such as Caving, Canyoning, 4 x 4 Safaris, Rock Climbing, Hiking and many others or visit their Facebook page

DONKEY TREKKING Kefalonia   www.donkeytrekkingkefalonia.com  CONTACT: Katharina Fehring    Email: info@ifh-kephalonia.com or visit the Facebook page. Book a trek with Katerina and her donkeys, Grisella, Violetta, Dora and Louise and discover the rich history of Kefalonia in the traditional way.  TripAdvisor have awarded her their Certificate of Excellence in 2016.


In the mountainous areas of Kefalonia, the rhythm of life and farming methods are largely unchanged from ancient times.  Here are high pastures with sheep, goats and sometimes cows and ancient tracks leading to ancient settlements.


The biodiversity stuns the senses.  There are varieties of plants only ever found in these areas.  Tortoises are quite common, wild birds from eagles to migrants, maybe a glimpse of wild horses near the village of Arginia – it goes on and on.

Believe it or not, if you do meet another walker you are genuinely pleased as you probably haven’t seen another human being for a few hours!  Isn’t this something in our busy, hurried, over-filled lives?