Butterfly Time at The Walnut Tree villa


In 2005, when we first started to think about planting the garden at The Walnut Tree villa, being insect friendly was high on the list.  We wanted to attract all insects, particularly BUTTERFLIES, moths and of course bees. 

I am bound to say I have been pretty surprised by how many different insects there are.  Over the years the flyers, the ‘creepies’ and the ‘crawlies’ that emerge out of the sky or out of the undergrowth constantly amaze us.  When I stop saying ‘Well! I’ve never seen that before’ it will be a sad day. 

‘Insect Heaven’ would be a great way of describing Greece and this is particularly true in the springtime.  Wildflowers are at their peak at this time.  Residents and visitors alike celebrate (mostly) the extraordinary variety of insect life that we encounter every day … and night … obviously in a good way!

Of all the insects that fascinate us, it is the many varieties of BUTTERFLIES visiting The Walnut Tree garden that are the star turns.  These include Whites and Yellows of every shade , Red Admirals, Painted Ladies, Swallowtails, both Scarce (more common) and Common (less common), Black-veined Whites, Two-tailed Pashas, endless Fritillaries, Blues …. the list is endless.

Rather than name all these (and risk getting it wrong), I have added my favourite photos and hope that they give as much pleasure in this blog as they do to us in the garden.