Interesting residents at The Walnut Tree

If I had a Euro for every time I think ‘Well, I haven’t ever seen (heard of) that before’, I would have enough cash for a return flight to Kefalonia in high season and plus a bit!   So this nest belongs to our little Black Cap mother who makes her nest in one of the rosemary bushes every spring.  The first time she appeared we felt like murderers because we didn’t know she was there.  We disturbed her (we call it gardening) and she abandoned the nest.  Since then we are very careful to discover where she is and Read more »

Butterfly Time at The Walnut Tree villa

  In 2005, when we first started to think about planting the garden at The Walnut Tree villa, being insect friendly was high on the list.  We wanted to attract all insects, particularly BUTTERFLIES, moths and of course bees.  I am bound to say I have been pretty surprised by how many different insects there are.  Over the years the flyers, the ‘creepies’ and the ‘crawlies’ that emerge out of the sky or out of the undergrowth constantly amaze us.  When I stop saying ‘Well! I’ve never seen that before’ it will be a sad day.  ‘Insect Heaven’ would be Read more »

Sea Turtles of Kefalonia – helping volunteers of Wildlife Sense

WILDLIFE SENSE One of the organisations involved in the protection of Kefalonia’s Sea Turtles is Wildlife Sense (  On a dull day in 2017, we had the immense privilege to be invited to help Wildlife Sense volunteers.  I can honestly say this was a one of the most amazing things I have every done. Friends Shirley and Mike Ogden were to check nesting sites for the progress of hatching and in some cases help the baby turtles to start their journey to the sea.  They asked us along to observe.  But when you see four inch hatchlings trying to battle Read more »