SAMI HAS A MUSEUM – RIGHT IN THE CENTRE OF TOWN I meant to write this blog last year, when I first visited the new museum in Sami.  The best of intentions so often come to nothing!  When we first arrived in Kefalonia, we only had the sketchiest idea of the history of the port and town of Sami.  Over time, the colourful past of Kefalonia slowly unfolded and we were hooked. There was the Mycenaean period when the island had been governed by the four individual city states.  This was followed by a time when Greece was divided into Read more »

THE JEWELS OF THE IONIAN SEA – Kefalonia, Ithaca, Corfu, Lefkada ……..

 THE JEWELS IN THE IONIAN SEA These are the jewels: Kefalonia, Zante, Ithaca, Corfu, Paxos, Lefkada, Cythera and Omfori. The beauty of Kefalonia and every one of the Ionian islands is well known; as are those crystal clear waters of the Ionian Sea.  Sea and land – a partnership as old as time.  Practically every photo of a great view taken on Kefalonia has the sea as its focus or it will be in there somewhere;  in the background or just behind that hill.  Mountains frame the sea and the sea frames the mountains.  That’s just how it is! https://www.visitgreece.gr/islands/ionian-islands Wherever Read more »

The Sea Mills of Kefalonia (Kephalonia)

  One of the most fascinating natural phenomenon of Kefalonia is the flow of water underneath the island from one side to the other.  Two kilometers from Argostoli at Katavothres , the sea water flows down several sink holes and disappears, appearing again at Karavomolis (near Sami) first in the famous Melissani Cave Lake and then flowing on through the lake pictured below and finally into the sea again.  At both ends of the water’s ‘journey’ and possibly from ancient times,  the Kefalonians made use of the force of the water and constructed sea-mills.  Today, we can only see replicas Read more »

If it’s wild flowers you want, Kefalonia in early May is where they are!

  It doesn’t really matter where you go at this time of the year in Kefalonia ….. fields, roadsides, up in the National Park of  Mount Aenos, up the sides of steep gorges, deserted tracks, olive groves, old villages  …… wild flowers abound!  Love in the mist, wild gladioli, orchids, aliums, roses, phlomis, sage, scabious; every day I see another flower I need to look up or otherwise recognise something I would normally see in my garden in England, growing wild here and flourishing.  I hate to say this – but here, even the thistles present a picture, covering our Read more »