Eating out – eating in at The Walnut Tree

WARNING! I think it only fair to warn our guests that you probably won’t lose weight at The Walnut Tree villa whether you eat in or out. Boot camp it is not!


Below is an example of a healthy breakfast. And it is very healthy. And the fruit is mostly picked from The Walnut Tree garden. Then add some locally made Kefalonian Greek yoghurt, seeds, nuts .. what could be better! It’s more about what happens next…..

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Picture the scene. You are sent on the morning/breakfast run to the bakery (Spathis Bakeries in both Karavomilos and Sami – oh yes!). Your mission is to get bread. Just bread. When you get there – do you get just bread? Well probably not! Obviously you need to sample the croissant, those pastries of many varieties, the pies and of course all that bread. Which flour? What shape? Should be large or small? Seeds or no seeds? It is a daily nightmare – but it’s got to be done.

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Moving on to the rest of the day – there’s the terrible choice of whether you go out or stay in for lunch or dinner.


How about you visit The Mermaid Taverna in Sami? Here you will eat Mama Toula’s version of Kefalonian traditional cooking at a taverna (right by the water) run by daughter and son team of Effie and George. Better looked after or eat more delicious and varied Greek dishes – you will not!

Is it a special occasion dinner (definitely try DECO!) …

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or should you all walk up to the Fortress at Assos with a mezze lunch by the harbour (Nefali Anait Taverna on the corner is one of our favourites)?

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Oh ….. so it’s not a special celebration night out …….what about sampling a simple but delicious grill at Soulatso Grill in Sami, looked after by Maria and her family. If you are a beetroot hater, prepare yourself to have your mind changed. Greek Beetroot Salad is absolutely unmissable and Maria’s is one of the best. Accompany it with bread, wine, chicken souvlaki and a tomato salad – your supper on the waterfront in the dying embers of a perfect Kefalonian day. Does it get better?


Noooo – you decided to stay in. It’s a BBQ night.

All the butchers in Sami provide a wonderful choice of meat to put on the grill, each with their own specialities. The vegetable market in Sami has a great selection of fresh produce making it hard for you to decide on your choice. And then …. it would be rude not to pop back into Spathis Bakery to choose a mouth-watering pud or some ice cream just to finish things off.

Butcher’s choice
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When you are on holiday at The Walnut Tree, it’s all about choice. In the end a decision is finally made and it’s an evening trip up to Poulata to eat at Robilis Grill Taverna. The choice here is wine or beer, salad, cheese, meat and bread and you will not be disappointed. Beautiful local meat and beautifully grilled. So traditional and so Greek.

Dinner at Robilis Taverna
Pork chop at Robilis Taverna, Poulata

AND …. so difficult to decide just what to eat and where to go.