Eat Walnuts at The Walnut Tree villa – they boost willpower……

‘Walnuts Boost the Willpower of Dieters’

I have just read an article that suggests that WALNUTS boost willpower!

Hedges ...


I am certainly not suggesting summer guests should be thinking about dieting while on holiday at The Walnut Tree villa.  BUT….. looking forward to this year’s harvest of walnuts from our two trees (not much luck yet I have to admit!) this piece of information seemed like good news for a new year ‘self assessment/renewal’ …. or a spot of dieting.  I prefer the French word ‘regime’ – much kinder!

As our guests often mention, our kitchens (one on each floor) are well equipped and up to most culinary adventures – quite a relaxing holiday occupation if inspiration tempts you to tie on a apron!

So why not add walnuts to the menu while at The Walnut Tree villa:

  • Turkey and Lemon Galantine stuffed with herby sausagement, walnuts and spinach
  • Walnut Cake
  • Graviera and Walnut Souffles
  • Waldorf Salad with Walnuts and Feta dressing
  • Carrot, Walnut and Olive Oil Cake
  • Walnut and Olive Oil Bread


  • Tart Stouba with Herbs and Walnuts (Cheese Pie with a difference) and so delicious!